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Painting measures 17 by 11, overall 22 by 17, two scratches in painting, on paper. Painting of a girl from around the 18th century reading a book. Lot of 3 limited edition duck prints each hand numbered and signed by the artists. Framed and matted with matching stamp. Some scratching to frame. Original sepia print of Joan of Arc with her horse. Unsure if bowstring is original. Case interior has wooden locks and small compartment with lid. Brass lock and hinges no key. Case has simple construction, but limited wear. Ample scratches and nics to both case and longbow, leather is worn..

Small 3"-4" brass plate and carrying case handle on top. Brass plate engraved with "Wm. These three paintings come on unstretched canvas. They measure approximately 38" by 27" and come in a range of conditions, from fair to very good. Excellent for interior decorating. Painting has antique wear, making it an excellent piece for those with taste in primitive decor. Painting depicts a young woman on a boat made of angels, steering the vessel on a placid lake.

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The angel at the head of the boat is holding a votive candle. Another angel awaits at the bank. The painting has a distinct fairy tale quality. Craquelure throughout, particularly on the bottom of the painting. Signed on the back "Billie McDrugle" [? Other writing is present, but illegible. Lot of three oil paintings. All paintings are in excellent condition, and framed.

Reprinted photo of Native American man in traditional dress with pipe in his hand and cigar in mouth. Image measures 16 by 10 inches. They measure 17" x 12" and come in very good condition. Subjects include knights, royalty, the Polish, and furniture. Measurements are in Centimeters and are written on each side, Deer, flamingos and much more. Measures 6" x 4", framed to 14" by 12". Depicts six different types of crickets; by Tallahassee-based artist J. Imperfections in wood frame. Albert Rosenthal signed backwards. Framed painting of Tutankhamen's mask on papyrus Papyrus shows heavy foxing signs of wear and visible discoloration towards edges, as well as fading of paint.

One framed needlepoint piece. Item reads "We thank thee father for health and food, for love and friends, for everything thy goodness send. Two framed cigarette cards: Poesie poems and Ole Toucher. Frame measures 10 by 7. Each has a hanger. Pencil signed by artist LL. Please acquire third parrt shipping estimate prior to bidding. A lone hunter stands with his rifle on a winter landscape, looking of into the distance. Signed in pencil LR. Measures17" x 12" and framed to 19" by 22". A signed print by the renowned aviation artist Sam Lyons Jr.

In this piece, he takes on a new subject, three hammocks tied to a pole. It is entitled, Maul Hammock Morning, and measures 22" by 17". Do you want my Matches, plate 4. Old chairs to mend, plate Prints measures approximately 18"" x 22"" framed. Prints re in very good condition with some darkening of paper. Frames have heavy wear, repair, and loss. The collection includes a selection of pages and sections from Harper's Weekly from and including much if not all of the serialized novel ""The Lady and the Law"" by Wilkie Collins, and numerous full page illustrations by contemporary Harper's contributors including Winslow Homer.

The book ""Adventures of America - Print depicts Native Americans looking off into the distance as one shoots a flaming arrow. Tim Rogerson Giclee print, "Hi Ho" from with hand painted embellishments. COA attached to back of frame copyrighted by Disney. The photograph is labeled "U.

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All three are framed and in good condition. Vintage Amazon Indian handcrafted mask. Features a piranha head, snake skin, and Arapaima scales. Unique, multi-media art by Tallahassee -based artist J. Randy Smith, signed by the artist. Box comes with a watercolor depiction of railroad worker and an authentic railroad spike beside it. Hand carved and painted tray depicting a bird catching a fish. In over all good condition but does have some scrapes into the wood. Antique charcoal portrait of foreign soldier, Balkan War era.

Seated portrait of soldier with mustache, appears to be a German sword. Floral painted wood frame, board backing, measures Little loss to frame bottom, otherwise, very good condition. Age or use uncertain, 16 cm in diameter, appears to have age and was affixed to something. Numerous works all over the country including his life size Ray Charles. This 6 by 6 inch Seminole Alligator wrestler is mounted on a cypress knee. Famed Brothel in La Grange that operated illegally for 50 years before closing 1n , 11 by 17 inches.

Detailed statue of Madonna on plinth signed at base, unmarked but is sterling. Stands 8 inches, halo is bent otherwise very good. The rubbing, both paper and frame are in good condition. This lot has a reserve. Lot of four total Native American arrowheads. Two are Newnan style, one Kirk, and one Gilchrest. Items are unauthenticated, sold as is. Unauthenticated sold as is, items are extremely convincing.

Lot of nine arrow heads in a frame, small," bird" size. Unauthenticated, sold as is. The first is a well worn pink Adena point with a little chip to one side 2. The second is a Seminole type point made of reddish brown chert with limestone white parts 3. The third is a multi-colored lanceolate point with fine parallel flaking and an expanding stem 4. The black and tan blade handle is signed BK and is 11 inches with blade, the white 8.

From the Western Desert near Luxor. From a private collection; unauthenticated, sold as is. Bifurcated mostly random flaking, surface find western Tennessee from private collection. Measures 70mm, deemed authentic. Tennessee find made of soft white beige chert. Auriculate, fluted lanceolate point with random and parallel flaking. Well worn to touch. Archaic arrowhead point, likely from Tennessee. Thick triangular point, serrated, broad random flaking, corner notched with expanded stem. Multi-colored from blue-green and brown at bottom into light purple and red speckles. Rare and unique coloring.

Horn, leather and metal construction. Some wear to leather, some cracks to body. Set of two antique powder horn flasks.

Small strip of leather is attached to base, presumably where a strap had been connected at one time. Larger one 11" has brass spout and is in a little better condition. Large antique powder horn flask with wooden spout. Appears to have a bead agitator or something else rolling around inside. Large antique powder horn flask with brass spout.

Nice condition boday and base. Lot of 4 - Three antique iron axe heads: No eye holes indicate it was made for decorative purposes. One foot is in perfect condition, the other is missing one toe and is chipped on the other 2. For small weight items like jewelry. Measures 9" by 9" square in frame. Handwoven Native American baskets that evoke the style of Pima baskets.

From an undetermined tribe. Some fraying to the tan and purple colored basket. They each measure 12" x 19". Lot of Native American artifacts. Lot includes a point, two beads, a two-holed gorget, a one holed gorget, a holed shell, a four holed gorget, and an incised whelk gorget. Made of deer bone, longest measuring 6. Five surface find arrowheads from Jackson County. Comes with wooden display case. Lot of 3 antique cast iron axe heads ranging in size and condition. African trade bead necklace. Orange circular beads, white shells, and three teeth to bottom. Measures 11 inches long. Various comic lot of "The Avengers".

Comics VG-F, a few grade C. Issues include s 19, 21, 22, 23, 25, 29, 59, , , , , ,. Clay pot from Northern Florida. Possibly from the Creek People, predecessors to the Seminole tribe, as indicated by horizontal brush strokes on exterior also known as Chattahoochee or Weeki Watchee Brushed. Cracks and chips throughout due to age. Measures approximately 5" tall with a diameter of 7". Appendix of a human or large mammal encased in resin. Crack in resin occurs toward base. Measures 5" by 3". Yellow African trade beads. Beads measure between 15 and 20mm each. Necklace measures 14 inches long.

Minor chips to few. Overall very good condition. The collection is the official issue of the "International Aerospace hall of Fame", this is their Cloisonne Medallion Collection. The obverse of each medallion features the mission logos of all the manned missions of the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space programs, while the reverse side features flight statistics for the featured missions.

This complete collection consists of all 28 medallions, each approximately 1. They feature vivid colors and depict each mission patch. Some foxing, tearing, brittle pages. Normal wear for age. Brittle, some discoloration, and tearing. Slight tears to envelope flap, letter dated June 5, and in very good condition. Maps, newspapers, and magazine historic and readable, but in fair to poor condition.

Two pieces from the Mesoamerican Mexico region of North America, a double flute and a drummer.

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The drummer figure measures 8 inches long by 5 inches tall by 4 inches wide and consists of a seated human figure holding a drum between its legs. The back of the head has an attached stirrup-like spout and handle. The double flute has three tonal holes along each cylinder with a human face with headdress and large ear spools spanning the space between the distal ends of the flutes.

A red and green striped snake runs along the outer margin of each cylinder. The flute measures 10 inches long by 4 inches at the widest by 2 inches tall. Mica temper is clearly evident in the clay matrix.. The drummer figure has no remaining paint evident. The flute is painted and with red and green highlights. Both are in good condition with no post-manufacture chips, cracks or repairs evident. Lot of 2 framed pictures of Puffin: Hand signed and numbered by Pallan in pencil. Typed description affixed to back of frame. Framed and matted 's silver piece of eight from the "Vliegent Hart".

This 8 Reales cob coin was recovered in by Rex Cowen and has an Americana Collectibles Billy Martin certificate of authenticity on the back of the frame. Framed piece has a picture of the ship and the story of how and where it sunk. The wood frame has some dings and scratches, but displays nice. Confined in a shadow box, the beads are strung and are about 4mm on average in size, the arrowhead is 55mm and is marked New Hope most likely a panhandle site.

The lengths are 38" and 40". Both in good condition. One of the blades has Belize City newspaper remnants, each blade measures 6 to 7 inches they exhibit water intrusion and are guaranteed as described. From long time Louisiana collection acquire in 's from the Lamanai New River lagoon area. Human figural carved stone seated with clasped hands. Made of regional flint. From a long time Louisiana collection acquired in the 's from the Lamanai New River Lagoon region. Average size is 3 inches. From a long time Louisiana collection, these were recovered from the Lamanai New River Lagoon region of Belize and appear to be submerged finds.

The middle size one has old Belize newspaper remnant on it. All appear to be submerged finds. From a long time collection, collected in the 's from the Lamanai, New River Lagoon region of Belize. Hands folded, 6 inches tall and appears to be a submerged find.

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From a long time Louisiana collection, collected in the 's from the Lamanai New River region of Belize, and most appear to be submerged finds. This is a damage free well crafted Celt. From a long time Louisiana collection and was found in the Lamanai, New River Lagoon region of Belize, measuring 7 inches down to 6, each one appears to be submerged finds. From a longtime Louisiana collection, collected in the 's in the Lamanai, New River lagoon in Belize.

Measures 7 inches and appears to be a Monkey man. Duck river region outside Nashville according to seller, about 7 are complete ranging in size from 20 to 50mm, the balance have some form of damage, early to middle Archaic. Alabama, Florida panhandle provenance, former private museum collection stands 5 inches including figures, 19 inch circumference. Ornate beaded vest with large crows and medicine wheels throughout. Beaded in the style of the Apache tribe, indicating that it is from this tribe or the Southwest region. Measures approximately 24" by 22" framed to approximately 31" by 31".

In very good condition with some wear to seams. This exquisite ex-museum piece is of hand carved solid stone. The tube was the provenance of Shamans who used them to inhale illness from a patient and blow healing smoke upon their injury. Carving is of a long round tube with a zoomorphic design on top of it.

Some small scratches and nics. Item is heavy - check shipping rates.

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A war club from the Penobscot tribe in Maine. Likely made around the turn of the century, when many of these clubs were made by the tribe for tourists. Features an intricately carve handle. Some paint chipping off the very tips of the spikes. Features a red handle and spotted top. Some paint fading and general wear on handle.

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Likely from a Plains Indian tribe. With vintage wear; some beads are loose on the blue and red. Both pairs in excellent condition. Big crochet hooks are size 19mm while small crochet hooks are 2. Some hats that have larger patterns will need larger crochet hooks such as the size six-inch hooks. They also come in an array of sizes, ranging from two millimeters to 15mm.

You can purchase knitting needles in pairs, generally with a knob at one end and a point at the other. These keep stitches from loosening up and sliding out of place. You have an array of hat designs to pick from like when learning how to crochet a hat:. Of course, this also depends on the patterned yarn being used. Crochet Hat More free hat patterns: Sorority Winter Accessories Set. Crochet Beret and Scarf. Dutch Bag and Hat. Crocheted Jacket and Cap. Little Girl's Breton Hat. Young One's Delight Hat. Russian Turban, Scarf and Bag Ensemble. Off the Face Hat with Brim. Hat with Tilted Brim.

Hat with Various Trimmings. Yellow Picture Hat and Bag. Popcorn Hat and Bag Set. Hat, Collar and Bag Set. Crochet Robin Hood Hat. Candy Striped Hat and Bag. Half Shell Ribbon Hat.

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