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Imaginative it was and at least my Dad was impressed and encouraged me. It was published almost ten years later. I consider my books worth reading, enjoyable and meaningful. Feedback from readers has proven me right.

Even the Sparrow

Writing for me is a hobby. My daytime job involves computers and a lot of data. I find IT very interesting but often stressful. Writing for me is one of the media of escape, if you will, from the stress of that world. I look forward to writing many more books. The lead story, set in Amaiyi, Igbere, a village in Abia State, Nigeria, describes the bizarre experiences of a poor family during the period of just one day. From village life to supernatural events, cultural dances to love, the book is an interesting but short strong mix.

Starting in May, the author will update the content with other short pieces of African origin carrying vital life lessons. Till Death by Kenneth Igiri Price: The story of Emeka and Modupe Eluigwe, a mixed-tribe Nigerian couple, as they navigate the complexities of a married life. The story is set in Lagos Nigeria and touches on a variety of experiences common to those who have navigated matrimony.

It's said that the ghosts of the sisters returned, though, and now haunt the last house at the end of the road. His car was found but he was nowhere to be found. These 2 cases have had Norfolk and Devon police baffled for decades. In recent years links have been made to serial killer Robert Black.

By Kenneth Igiri

They are both presumed dead, their bodies have never been found. Lots of great memories there I received this meaningful gift- a cloth when touched by water shows pitch black ink traces but immediately when drying off looses them. Noah Chamberlin was 2 years old when he passed away between January , after suffering from Hypothermia after he went missing on a nature hike.

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On January 14, Noah, his grandmother and 4 year old sister went on a nature hike in the woods behind their home. The search for the toddler lasted almost a week and covered around 1, acres. Law enforcement officers and hundreds of volunteers endured rain, snow and freezing temperatures until on January 21, 1. An autopsy was performed and showed no signs of foul play and that Noah died from Hypothermia. Police say his death was an accident.

The grandma said she just turned her head around for a minute and he was gone. There were trails everywhere. Rest In Peace Noah. Who likes world premiers?! The mysterious case of Renee Macrae and 3 year old son Andrew's disappearance in from Inverness, Scotland.

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Also on meetmeinthebasementpodcast this week we learn all about how the tragic murder of Foodnetwork Star Cristie Schoen helped police crack the mysterious disappearance of Zebb Quinn. Remember dwellers, a car trunk is no place for a puppy. If you have any information regarding this case please contact the Las Vegas Police Department Working on creating a poetry book Tomorrow episode 9 Disappearances is available on Spotify, google play , stitcher annnnd of course iTunes.

So please grab a drink, a snack and have a strange exchange with us. LagosTragedy A security guard manhood allegedly vanished after the politician who is inside this Jeep gave him money 4 0 3 days ago. The very basic core of a man's living spirit is his passion for adventure. The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.

They discovered that two of three raincoats were missing, a meal was left half eaten, and a chair was knocked over on the ground.

All three lighthouse keepers were never found. Have you heard of this before? I wonder what happened That fairy is a hussy I tell ya! Ghost towns of the Colorado Desert. This deserted cafe still has the sugar jars sitting on the dusty tables-it looks as though everyone just vanished.

Njànsí - A Tale of Deep Darkness, and Dazzling Light

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