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It was so embarrassing. Used to have a dog that would escape the garden to nearby field, roll in manure then return and hide behind sofa, thus smearing the manure along wall and back of sofa.

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My dog Bailey ran over to some lads playing football, peed on his rucksack then stole his Pepperami and ran off. When I first had him at one year old, I decided to take him to training classes but he terrorised the other dogs. They refused to accept him in the normal class and he had to go to the class for badly behaved dogs. Next morning, come down to find Max the lurcher had enjoyed a midnight snack and had eaten part of the cauliflower cheese.

When I was about eight weeks pregnant and before I told anyone I was in a meeting with a colleague, Angie, and her dog, Chesney. Angie was a bit embarrassed and kept trying to remove Chesney, but he would just cuddle up again.

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  • When the meeting was over, Angie told a mutual colleague that Chesney had a history of snuggling up to pregnant women. His first trip to the vets as a pup was because he had eaten an 18 inch long rubber tube and needed to have emergency surgery. In the time it took my dad to answer the door and come back through the hall, Roady had complete obliterated the plate full of food.

    Our old dog was too lazy to walk from the living room to the back door so he used to jump in and out the living room window.

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    This year has been full of funny and inspiring dogs, but there have also been dog stories that shocked and surprised us, or just plain left us scratching our heads. Even as dog lovers who work with canines on a daily basis, we found ourselves at a loss for words more than once over the past several months. Here are the most odd, absurd, and shocking dog stories of A five-year-old French Bulldog named Jewels was minding her own business on the porch in front of her home when two bear cubs crawled into her yard.

    They ran off and hopped the fence to get away. Jewels is one tough Frenchie. Dennis the Dachshund was in rough shape after living with an owner who fed him a diet of pizza and burgers. All in all he weighed well over 50 pounds when he was rescued, which is about the weight of five healthy dachshunds. His before and after images shocked the internet and reminded us to leave the people food for people, not Wiener dogs. Columbian police officers risked their lives by wading into a flooded river to scoop a drowning dog from the water.

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    They managed to haul the hound to dry land and performed CPR to save its life. Thanks to the efforts of the officers, the pup managed to make a full recovery.

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    Caitlyn was only 15 months old when she was found with her mouth taped shut with electrical tape. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix was rescued from her owner, William Leonard Dodson, who had wound the tape so tightly around her muzzle that her tongue stuck out between her teeth and blood flow was cut off to areas of her face. A woman with severe Asperger Syndrome posted a video of one of her depressive episodes that caused her to self harm.

    Samson, her service dog, alerted her to the attack and pushed her hands away with his paws and snout.

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    The video is intense, but it shows us just how important the work of service animals can be. Tiki the Labrador Retriever had a tummy ache, which would normally be nothing too serious. But when it started to get more severe she had to go to the vet for surgery.

    What can I do to prevent this in the future?

    The cause of the stomach pains became clear right away. The hungry hound is now on a strict diet of actual food. Some dogs will eat just about anything.

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