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Usually you will have about yards of backing on a reel. Line — Your fly line makes casting your fly possible. Usually brightly colored, it is easy to see on the water. For most types of fly fishing you will use a floating line. Each line has specific characteristics. Most fly lines you will use will be a weight forward.

This makes casting easy. Each line is designed by a weight system. This weight system is used with rods also. You match a line weight with a rod weight. Lines are 90 to feet long. Leader — A leader consists of clear plastic material that attaches to your fly line on one end and the fly on the other.

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The leader will be tapered, being thick at the butt section that connects to the fly line, and thin at the fly. This allows the leader to be strong. It also makes it difficult for fish to see. Tippet — This is used to add length to your leader.

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Over the course of a day you will have to change flies to match what the fish are eating. You will lose flies in trees and fish. This will eventually make your leader too short for fishing. Tippet is then tied to the leader to add length. It is also used to keep the leader tapered down to a small size to hide it from the fish. Both tippets and leaders come in different lengths and diameters based on strength, for example, 3x diameter tippet is usually 8 pound strength.

Check out these photos of Osprey in action.

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I just wish they were catching whitefish instead of trout. This week we headed for the Upper South fork for a float trip and some streamer fishing. For many fishermen catching the stonefly hatch is like the search for the Holy Grail.

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Either they arrive before the…. With spring popping up all around the country we thought we could show you what March looks like at Teton….

From now until March 31st, when you reserve a 3 Night 2 Day stay, you get a 4th night free…. This is a small sample of the big fish caught by Teton Valley Lodge guests in the season. With the great spring weather that has invaded our region we were once again coaxed out to hit the river….

#22 - Slate Run PA - Fishing the top 100 Trout Streams in America

If you fish chances are you have some old fly fishing waders lying around that have used up all their…. Brown Trout Description Brown trout are golden brown in color with large black spots, red spots with pale halos. House voted today to approve a landmark bundle of conservation bills, including legislation to designate the Snake River…. A few years ago while staying at my in-laws, I really needed to get out and do some fishing. Water levels for the summer should be great. Come for the trophies and linger for a while to experience gorgeous lodges, exquisite local food and wine, diverse landscapes and various activities.

There are two types of fishing licences - hour licences and season licences.

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Use the DOC site to find an agent or to buy your Taupo licence online. You have items in your Wishlist from the last time you signed in. What would you like to do? To add items to your Wishlist, please turn off Private Browsing: You need to sign in to save your Wishlist for future visits. Your browser is no longer supported. Please upgrade to fully enjoy the site. Fly-fishing on the Ahruri River, Central Otago. Add to Wishlist See wish list. Gold-Bronze Travel Specialist Status: