The Loving Ballad of Lord Bateman (Illustrated Edition)

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The contract is made, and the lovers are solemnly contracted. In this may be recognised, though in a minor degree, the same gifted hand that portrayed the Mussulman, the pirate, the father, and the bigot, in two words.

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The time is gone, the historian knows it, and that is enough for the reader. This is the dignity of history very strikingly exemplified. Nothing perhaps could be more ingeniously contrived to express the vastness of Lord Bateman's family mansion than this remarkable passage. The proud young porter had to thread courts, corridors, galleries, and staircases innumerable, before he could penetrate to those exquisite apartments in which Lord Bateman was wont to solace his leisure hours, with the most refined pleasures of his time.

We behold him hastening to the presence of his lord: Does he appear before the chief with indecent haste? Is he described as rushing madly into his presence to impart his message? Even this proud young porter is checked in his impetuous career which lasted only.

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A pleasant condescension on the part of his lordship, showing that he recognised the stately youth, and no less stately pride of office which characterized his follower, and that he was acquainted with the distinguishing appellation which he appears to have borne in the family. Exemplifying, in a highly poetical and striking manner, the force of Lord Bateman's love, which he would seem to have kept strong as his "wow.

Lord Bateman and the Turkish Lady

He has borne all this and a great deal more, seven years and a fortnight have elapsed, and, at last, on the mere mention of the fair young lady, he falls into a perfect phrenzy, and breaks his sword, the faithful partner and companion of his glory, into three splinters. Antiquarians differ respecting the intent and meaning of this ceremony, which has been construed and interpreted in many different ways. The strong probability is that it was done "for luck;" and yet Lord Bateman should have been superior to the prejudices of the vulgar. So called doubtless from the mosque of St.

Sophia, at Constantinople; her father having professed the Mahomedan religion. This is an exquisite touch of nature, which most married men, whether of noble or plebeian blood, will quickly recognise. During the whole of her daughter's courtship, the good old lady had scarcely spoken, save by expressive smiles and looks of approval.

But now that her object is gained, and her daughter fast married as she thinks , she suddenly assumes quite a new tone, "and never was heerd to speak so free. If any thing could add to the grace and beauty of the poem, it would be this most satisfactory and agreeable conclusion.

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At the time of the foreign lady's arrival on the shores of England, we find Lord Bateman in the disagreeable dilemma of having contracted another marriage; to which step his lordship has doubtless been impelled by despair of ever recovering his lost Sophia, and a natural anxiety not to die without leaving an heir to his estate. The ceremony has been performed, the Church has done its office, the bride and her mamma have taken possession of the castle, when the lost Sophia suddenly presents herself.

An ordinary man would have been overwhelmed by such a complication of perplexities--not so Lord Bateman. Master of the human heart, he appeals to feminine ambition and love of display; and, reminding the young lady that she came to him on a saddle horse with her revered parent following no doubt on foot behind , offers to bestow upon her a coach and three.

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The young lady closes with the proposition; her august mother, having brought it about by her freedom of speech, makes no objection; Lord Bateman, being a nobleman of great power, and having plenty of superfluous wealth to bestow upon the Church, orders another marriage, and boldly declares the first one to be a nullity. Thereupon "another marriage" is immediately prepared, and the piece closes with a picture of general happiness and hilarity.

For the notes to this beautiful Poem, see the end of the work.

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Some foreign country for to see. And every holth she drunk unto him Vos, "I vish Lord Bateman as you vos mine! She supports his feeble and tottering steps to her father's cellar, recruits his exhausted frame with copious draughts of sparkling wine, and when his dim eye brightens, and his pale cheek becomes flushed with the glow of returning health and animation, she--unaccustomed to disguise or concealment, and being by nature all openness and truth--gives vent to the feelings which now thrill her maiden heart for the first time, in the rich gush of unspeakable love, tenderness, and devotion-- I vish Lord Bateman as you vos mine!

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Oh, in sevin long years I'll make a wow, I'll make a wow, and I'll keep it strong. Wit and humor, English. This edition has three additional stanzas by Cruikshank. Some leaves printed and numbered on one side only.

The Loving Ballad of Lord Bateman

Text of the poem printed on rectos only. An adaptation of the traditional ballad, by Dickens, who altered the verses as set down by Cruikshank. In this edition, Cruikshank revised verse xx, cancelled Dickens's last verse and substituted three others. Separate different tags with a comma. To include a comma in your tag, surround the tag with double quotes. Skip to content Skip to search. Language English View all editions Prev Next edition 5 of 6. Author Dickens, Charles, Other Authors Cruikshank, George, Thackeray, William Makepeace, Physical Description 40 p.

Notes An adaptation of the traditional ballad, by Dickens, who altered the verses as set down by Cruikshank. Preface and notes are by Dickens. Erroneously attributed to Thackeray. admin