The Clock of Vipassana has Struck

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The monk was the first person to exhort Ba Khin to start teaching. In he founded the Vipassana Association of the Accountant General's Office where lay people, mainly employees of that office, could learn Vipassana. In , the International Meditation Centre I.

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Here many Burmese and foreign students received instruction in the Dhamma from Ba Khin. It was Ba Khin's wish that the technique, long lost to India, could again return to its country of origin.

For many reasons he could never come to India. He then authorized his student, S. A friend who realized that the basis of Mr. Goenka's disease was psychological advised him to sit a day meditation course under a famous Burmese Vipassana teacher, Sayagyi U Ba Khin.

The Clock of Vipassana Has Struck

The teacher however rejected Mr. Goenka when he heard that the businessman had come to seek treatment for a migraine.

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The purpose of Dhamma is to cure the miseries of life. This disease of yours is really a very minor part of your suffering. It will pass away, but only as a by-product in the process of mental purification.

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If you make the by-product your primary goal, you devalue Dhamma. Come not for physical cures but to liberate the mind.

The Clock of Vipassana has struck - ebook on Vipassana

Coming from a staunchly conservative family, Mr. Goenka vacillated for months but once he sat a course, he immediately realized the benefits of the technique.

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For the next 14 years, he studied Vipassana under U Ba Khin. Goenka taught his first course, when he returned to India to visit his ailing mother in By then, the technique of Vipassana had been lost in India, the land of its birth, and even the name forgotten.

Goenka taught his first course to a group of 14 that included his parents. I was ready to return to Burma, but those who had participated in the course pressed me to give another course for their family and friends. admin