The Path into Healing

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Love heals and empowers, but we have to let the love in.

Belief levels and the path of a healer

Becoming Responsible Participants in Our Healing Our potential is there for us, and we can become responsible participants rather than submissive sufferers. Guilt, shame, and blame can be imposed by authority figures and religions that claim that our disease is punishment, but, remember, disease is a loss of health.

So when you lose your health, look for it and get others to help you. Hope is never false,. One doctor decided to reverse the letters and give the HOPE Protocol, and 75 percent of his patients responded positively. As quantum physicists tell us, desire and intention alter the physical world, causing things to occur that would not normally occur if they were not desired. You can burst the dam that restricts and blocks the flow of your life and let the released energy move you forward.

Helping Yourself Heal One way of helping yourself heal is to ask yourself what words describe what it is like to experience cancer or whatever problem you are living with.


Think about whether the negative words you come up with fit other problems that exist in your life. Eliminate those things and help yourself heal your life and find your rainbow. If you come up with a new beginning or wake-up call, you are on the right track. Life is a school, and we must understand that if the world were perfect, it would have no meaning.

We are all here to live and learn, and personally I think our mortality is our greatest teacher and can induce us to live in a way that makes us happy. In many ways I believe death is a commencement, too. However, while attending the school of life, remember that the energy of creation is available to all of us.

Healing is Not About Fighting an Enemy or Disease

Health professionals, healers, and family can all be the battery cables that help direct the healing energy into our bodies, recharge our batteries, and give us the power to heal. Stop judging, and keep learning from your difficult journey. Spiritual flat tires happen. What are spiritual flat tires?

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The ones that make you miss a plane that you later learn crashed after takeoff. Stop judging and just be. Something good will come of this.

Our Potential for Self-Induced Healing

When you are not capable of using the pain as a labor pain of self-birth, God will show up to assist you. But when it is time for you to step up and use the labor pains to give birth to a new and authentic self, God steps back so you can experience healthy growth and rebirth yourself.

Remember, we and God are made of the same stuff. Being Cured and Living a Healed Life Are Two Different Things My body is the gift I was given so I could attend and experience the school of life, help raise my level of consciousness, and help create a healthier future for us all — one in which we each have a reverence for all life. We are all family and the same color inside.

Death is not a failure, so trying not to die is not the issue; living is. I have seen my loved ones die laughing as we shared stories of their life and love while letting them go, free of guilt and feelings of failure, when their bodies were no longer a gift but were painful burdens. For me, healing and curing are two distinct entities. There are many people who are cured of an illness by their treatment but do not live healed lives, versus someone like Helen Keller, whom I consider to be healed and my teacher, even though her physical disability was incurable.

Doors open and as long as we go through them, we will live rich and fulfilling lives. The dreams that are aligned with our heart manifest.

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  • We exist in a state of positivity as joyful opportunities present themselves. We recognize and cherish our unique gifts and talents; therefore, we are limitless pure potential. Our reactive nature is healed and instead we are always peace, grace and forgiveness. We acknowledge that we create our own reality and therefore we take full responsibility for our circumstance.

    How to Trust in the Healing Path

    The past is the learning ground to teach us that only love is real, while the future is our alive and vibrant playground wherein only love is real. We make choices that are good for us.

    Where Does the Path to Healing Begin?

    Our body and brain function at peak capacity. Our body is a source of pleasure, always. All emotions are cherished, as they are clues to our healing needs. Such expressions have an angelic quality encompassing a collection of moments simultaneously revealing A Grace Filled Heart. Another Path into Healing. The Path into Healing. A Fish Named Ed.

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