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For the most part, the author stresses how skill and talent are fairly pointless without a lot of hard work and thought about the character and the words. He does not downplay his failures a first marriage did not last ; nor does he deny us details about his unmoored years, which included a Kerouac-ian cross-country journey with his brother.

We learn as well about the perils and inconveniences of celebrity, his deep affection for his wife and daughter, and losses parents, others. He ends with an account of his recent stage performance as Lyndon Johnson. There was a problem adding your email address. He's had a handful of crazy jobs with even crazier stories, and I love how each chapter of the book is broken down into a different "part" of his life.

His life truly is a life in parts. I loved hearing about his family and his struggle with growing up with a Father who eventually left them, and an alcoholic mother. I loved his stories about travelling overseas at a young age for the police academy, and how he wanted to be a cop for a long period of time. I can't believe he got his license to marry people on a whim and become a minister for a summer and married a bunch of couples. He lives his life with such spontaneity, it's inspiring. I loved hearing about his journey into becoming an actor and how he completely lied on parts of his resume to get small parts in commercials and what not.

I loved hearing about his experiences on Malcom In The Middle and how he really made that character his own, instead of just going with what the writers wanted. Listening to some of the behind the scenes stories of Breaking Bad made me want to cry because I miss the show so much, and it makes me happy knowing the show meant so much to Bryan Cranston too.

I love hearing how Bryan Cranston actually contributed a lot of his own ideas for the script, or he attempted to change the way the scene was shot, to make it better. He's so thoughtful and creative and really loves his job. The only problem I had with this is that it ended very abruptly and I would've loved one more quick chapter at the end, but other than that I loved this. There were so many times I laughed out loud: I was laughing so hard I was crying.

He has an amazing personality, and he's lived an incredible life. I love that he never tells himself he can't do something, and he knows if he really puts his mind and his heart in it, he can accomplish anything. Bryan Cranson is and always will be a legend in my eyes. Jan 14, Jack Chaucer rated it it was amazing.

Fascinating life story of an actor who cares so much about the work. His upbringing was not very pleasant, but he rose above it, learned from his parents' mistakes and, as he put it, let acting become his salvation. This is an interesting and inspiring read. Highly recommend, especially to "Breaking Bad" fans. It was fun to get his inside insights on the process of making such a groundbreaking show.

An interview with Bryan Cranston, Author of 'A Life in Parts'

If you are a die-hard Bryan Cranston fan then I think you will be more than satisfied with this book, if you only have a passing interest because you liked him in Breaking Bad you may be left wanting more. This was an easy listen and I was glad to see that some of the stories I heard him tell on the Graham Norton show made it into this book as they were quite funny. You learn a lot about the process an actor goes through to prepare for a role, the politics of the industry and how to handle rejecti If you are a die-hard Bryan Cranston fan then I think you will be more than satisfied with this book, if you only have a passing interest because you liked him in Breaking Bad you may be left wanting more.

You learn a lot about the process an actor goes through to prepare for a role, the politics of the industry and how to handle rejection. The one story that I found truly worth while was about his stalker girlfriend and his reaction to it. That was very well done and felt like you got a peek inside the mind of this man. The other stories are all good but in a sweet superficial kind of way. This is an ordinary man that worked very hard to get where he is, there is no massive salacious scandals revealed, no deep dark secrets spilled. This is a nice man with a nice story to tell. Oh, and if you have never watched Breaking Bad but are planning to be warned the book contains spoilers of the TV series.

If you are interested in trying this the audio version is the way to go. Jul 05, Rose rated it really liked it. I love this guy. A lot of people do but many of them only got to know him as Walter White aka Heisenberg. I loved him in that role also but he had me when he played Hal, the dad on Malcolm in the Middle. It was one of my favorite sitcoms and he had what seemed to be the most enjoyable role ever to act in. He discusses his life growing up. How he got into acting.

The roles he had. His relationships as an adult. Sep 29, Kristina rated it really liked it Shelves: This was a pretty good memoir--it doesn't go very deep but it was still an enjoyable read. I was hoping for way more behind the scenes stories and anecdotes about Cranston's experience on Breaking Bad, but, all in all, I'd definitely recommend this book. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a copy of this in exchange for an honest review. May 12, Lance Carney rated it it was amazing.

I thought he was hilarious as Hal. Then my son got us to watch Breaking Bad. When my daughter moved to Los Angeles and Bryan Cranston was scheduled to appear at the Los Angeles Library, she got us signed copies of his autobiography.

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The book is just like watching Bryan Cranston on screen; one minute it is hilarious, the next heart-wrenching. He lays it all out in easy prose - his life told through the My kids were hooked on Malcolm in the Middle when I discovered Bryan Cranston. He lays it all out in easy prose - his life told through the parts he has played, from Hal and Walter White to son, husband, father and struggling actor. Anyone interested in becoming an actor should read this book to see the kind of attitude and perserverance necessary to survive in the business. He is very self-deprecating - kind of like he's standing out in the middle of nowhere in his tighty whities.

Long live Bryan Cranston!


Apr 17, Mia Parentheses Enthusiast rated it really liked it Shelves: The thing that enchanted me so much about this book, and the reason I'm giving it the highest a four star rating can be before it becomes one of my rare and coveted fives, was the way Bryan Cranston told his stories—or, more accurately, the ways he didn't. In theory, it isn't hard to write a memoir, but in practise it's got to be difficult. Not only do you have to tell your life's story clearly and honestly, but it has to be readable and preferably enjoyable.

You can't be didactic, or else the re The thing that enchanted me so much about this book, and the reason I'm giving it the highest a four star rating can be before it becomes one of my rare and coveted fives, was the way Bryan Cranston told his stories—or, more accurately, the ways he didn't. You can't be didactic, or else the reader feels like they're being preached to.

Bryan Cranston: 'I was Walter White – but I was never more myself'

You can't be one-note: You have to avoid a "back in the old days" tone, lest you come across as ancient or moored in your wonder years. You can't make yourself out to be a paragon of morality and goodness and risk the audience becoming nauseated at your narcissism, but you shouldn't self-deprecate to the point of loathing, either. The whole thing is a delicate balance.

And yet Bryan Cranston pulls it off beautifully. His storytelling feels natural and honest, and his tone is nuanced—sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes pensive, sometimes angry. He acknowledges his faults, missteps, regrets, and flaws, but his narrative confidence ultimately comes across as admirable rather than humbly bragging.

His humour is well-placed and charming, never crossing the line of flippancy. The format is clever and clear rather than gimmicky. The book feels, for lack of a better word, authentic. It truly is like Bryan Cranston sitting down across from you at your dining room table and telling you about his life over dinner, which is a really cool feeling. Oh, and there's another very important element in writing a good memoir: And if you haven't guessed it by now, Cranston has that component in spades too. I loved it all, from his first taste of theatre as Professor Flipnoodle; the trip to the morgue; the implosion of his home life; the motorcycle trip with all its adventures and vagrancy; all the dozens of odd jobs and strange characters; the Tunnel of Love; marrying a couple on a plane in a Hawaiian shirt and flip flops, screaming the vows above the roar of the engine.

And the chicken beheading—I definitely snort-laughed while reading that one. Bryan Cranston's life is way more interesting than I was expecting, and every triumph, lesson, failure, and bizarre job opportunity was just fascinating to read about. But there are slower parts too, those precious interludes where life unfolds, apart from all the crazy adventures, and those were no less spellbinding. You can't write off the fact that he's an actor, and acting is an inherently interesting thing, at least in my opinion.

But Cranston goes beyond a cursory description of the roles he's known for, with some "behind the scenes" treats to taste; he takes you inside his journey, how he learned things, how he prepares for a role, when he realised he wanted to be an actor. He's worked a ton in his career, and every role brought some new experience, some new lesson, some new method of dealing with work or life or emotions.

A Life in Parts | Book by Bryan Cranston | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

He talks about the process of acting, the nitty-gritty of it all. His chapters on Breaking Bad are a great example of that—he doesn't talk too much about what shooting the show was like, but rather about who he became, what he became. He takes elements from past roles, from the stoop of his father's shoulders, from all sorts of places and experiences and he imbues this character, Walter White, with life.

And through it all, you can so clearly feel his excitement, his awe at this incredible and terrifying character that he inhabited for years. Which leads me to my final praise: I'm speaking figuratively, although I've never wanted so badly to hear a book narrated by its author than this one. Of course I'd seen Bryan Cranston before—I grew up with him as the lovable and hilarious Hal from 'Malcolm in the Middle,' then lauded his performance as Walter White in 'Breaking Bad'—but I only saw a glimpse at the person behind the role in a few short interviews, where he came across as intelligent and passionate about his work.

A Life in Parts gave me a much better idea of what Bryan Cranston is really like, and his voice shines so beautifully through all his vignettes and tales. I love it when an author has a clear, distinct personality that bursts through their writing, and this was a perfect example of that. He humanises himself in a way I doubt most celebrities are able to do through the written word, without it coming across as some sort of long-awaited bombshell tell-all stuffed with stale truisms and half-baked wit. There's always that niggling fear that your idol, or even just a celebrity that seems like a nice person, is actually an asshole.

I was worried about that when I started A Life in Parts, but it was completely out of my mind when I finished. The case here isn't that Bryan Cranston is secretly an asshole or a narcissist or a stereotypical vapid actor; it's that he's a guy with a fascinating life, a great sense of humour, an admirable work ethic, an abiding gratitude for what he has and what he's learned, and a fantastic knack for storytelling. He's a master at mixing the casual and the poignant to craft a coherent and immensely enjoyable memoir.

And fuck me if he doesn't do it so goddamn endearingly. Aug 24, Dorie - Traveling Sister: This is a well written, entertaining memoir, from Mr. Cranston who has quite a story to tell. White, a high school math teacher, played by Cranston. The actor, like so many others, was not an overnight success. He went through some troubled times with his family, his actor father who never made it big, and they were forev This is a well written, entertaining memoir, from Mr. He went through some troubled times with his family, his actor father who never made it big, and they were forever financially strained.

He worked so many varying jobs it was interesting and entertaining to hear the stories of his work experiences. He traveled the country with his brother on a motorcycle and worked long term summer jobs. He thought for a very long time that he wanted to be a police officer, went through a lot of training, before he decided that acting was going to be his goal.

He is very honest in describing how his stable home life, long time marriage and a daughter, helped him to really treat acting as a serious career decision. He took every part that he played as a learning opportunity, including being covered in bees for Malcolm in the Middle. He also describes one of the hardest scenes that he had to play in Breaking Bad and how it affected him personally for a long time.

I would highly recommend this memoir to fans of Bryan Cranston and am looking forward to where his career will lead him next. I received this ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Jan 13, Diana rated it really liked it.


I have seen Bryan Cranston in other things like Malcom in the Middle and Seinfeld and I thought it would be interesting to read his book. I went with the audio version which is narrated by Cranston himself. I love that this was narrated by Cranston. He made me laugh a few times. It was nice to hear about his different acting jobs over the years.

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He shares a lot about his past and what it was like growing up, personal experiences, etc. If you are a fan of Cranston, you will probably like this book. Oct 03, Erin Dunn rated it really liked it. Bryan Cranston in exchange for an honest review. I loved learning more about Cranston and his life. Breaking Bad is one of my all time favorite shows. I love the show a lot and personally I think that Bryan Cranston did a magnificent job in his role as Walter White. Also, Walter White is one of my all time favorite characters.

I've seen Cranston in a few othe http: I've seen Cranston in a few other roles, but I never really knew anything about him. So when I first saw that he had a memoir coming out I figured it would be interesting to find out more about the man who played such an iconic role. I just love it when a book can grab you immediately. I enjoyed the look at Cranston's life growing up and how he got into the acting industry.

I think that he had a really interesting upbringing. Fascinating My only complaint is that the book is a little bit slow around the middle. Luckily this didn't last long and it got right back on track. My favorite part though is all of the Breaking bad information near the end where he talks about things from the show. I definitely enjoyed this one and learning more about Cranston and his life.

Now want to rewatch Breaking Bad!! Read mostly through Overdrive app, last part via hardback copy from page till the end Love Bryan Cranston more as a human being: This Bryan bathes in the blood of chickens and stuffs mackerels in air vents. He even accosts poor Alfred Hitchcock. Think your job waiting tables sucks? I loved this book.

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She grasped at the sheets. I instinctively reached to turn her over. But I stopped myself. Why should I save her? This little junkie, Jane, was threatening to blackmail me, expose my enterprise to the police, destroy everything I had worked for, and wipe out the financial life preserver I was trying to leave my family—the only legacy I could leave them. She gurgled, searching for a gasp of air.

Her eyes rolled back in her head. I felt a stab of guilt. And poor dumb comatose Jesse, my partner, lying beside her. All death is sad. We all have to move on. But I am here. What have I become?

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